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Does Your Memory Support Pass The Test? 7 Things You Can Improve On Today

The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Memory Support

These on our YouTube channel  because I could I could talk to you for  hours about how Google their search  engine works really quickly I just want  to say Google’s gone through a big shift  over.

The years and the number one thing  that you know if you want if you want to think about anything on memory support how to use  Google for your benefit you need to  think about how do I build a brand  because Google has gone from.

You know  ranking those websites that have either  the most links or whatever They have all  these factors in the algorithm but.The  thing that kind of boiled it down to  recently is are you a good brand  are you a real business that we can trust do we see online signals do.

we see  offline activity memory support that might lead to online online signals like reviews like  social media sharing those kinds of  things do we see great content coming  out do.

Misconceptions About Memory Support

we see consistency from you so I  could go on and on you know a great  great example of this is Brook dale calm  now they’re.

A big chain and in terms of Memory Support residential assisted living there they’re kind of a competitor but in  terms of their online marketing strategy They’re just knocking it out of the park  all of their locations across the nation because they’ve got a really really  smart online strategy and they’ve got a really strong brand so I might like.

I said do another memory support video of that later but  I just want to give you a quick overview  of that so now let’s jump into some of.

These case studies these are four  websites that we at marketplace earth  have helped Adagio gardens calm is  actually genes location we helped build  his kind of.