Understanding The Background Of Cannabis Infusion

This marijuana cream is just in a regular cup of coffee so in that case you would just make your coffee how you would normally cannabis infusion make it and then just add the cream right into the coffee and we’re going to add about two to three tablespoons depending on how high of a dosage that you want and if you take shirt that’s no problem just add sugar right in there with it and now you have your marijuana coffee now for cold coffee you’re probably going to want some flavorings.

I also need the sugar and we’re going to need cold coffee which I make by just keeping an old mason jar handy and then I pour the hot coffee that’s left after I had my morning coffee in there and go ahead and sweeten it with sugar so that it melts and then I put it in the refrigerator and let my full strength hot coffee that’s sweetened already get.

Nice and cold in the refrigerator that way I’m not watering it down with ice so then you can flavor it with some vanilla and forgot some almond extract in there shake that up and get it nice and mixed and then you fill your ice glass and then you just add two or three tablespoons of the cream right into your glass and mix it up and there’s your nice mixed coffee drink you could put that in a blender and make a Cappuccino and now here comes our cocoa you’re going to need a cup of steamed milk or steaming hot milk scalding milk that nice and hot and you’ll need cocoa vanilla.

salt some sugar I’m using two tablespoons or two teaspoons of cocoa two tablespoons of sugar quarter teaspoon of vanilla a dash of salt and again two to three tablespoons of our marijuana cream and this is a delicious hot cocoa drink by the way you can put it in the fridge right or make it cold.

And it tastes just like a marijuana I don’t forget if you’d like to get a good deal on the five piece kit that we use today which is restaurant grade equipment please check the link on the screen here or the link in description so hope you enjoy this recipe for marijuana infused milk and coffee recipes if you did please hit the like button and also leave a comment.